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TweetYourBooks is the World's Largest Twitter Book Promotion Network

We tweet your book, blog or author website to over 1.35 MILLION
organically curated Followers via our long-established network of 10 accounts.

Book a 2-day or 3-day PREMIUM 50 campaign
or a 60-day MONTHLY SUPASAVE campaign
and get a FREE 12-month listing in's exclusive Bookstore (usually $125)

DAILY 10 tweet campaign: 
10 Tweets per day booked to
our 1.35 million book-loving followers 

1-day DAILY 10 campaign = $10
2-day DAILY 10 campaign = $18
3-day DAILY 10 campaign = $27
4-day DAILY 10 campaign = $36
5-day DAILY 10 campaign = $45
6-day DAILY 10 campaign = $54
7-day DAILY 10 campaign = $63
(days booked are for consecutive days) 


MONTHLY SUPASAVE tweet campaign: 
10 Tweets per day for 30 days to
our 1.35 million book-loving followers 

(1) MONTHLY SUPASAVE 30-day campaign = $69 
(2) MONTHLY SUPASAVE 60-day campaign = $119
(3) MONTHLY SUPASAVE 90-day campaign = $169
(4) MONTHLY SUPASAVE 120-day campaign = $219
(5) MONTHLY SUPASAVE 150-day campaign = $265
(6) MONTHLY SUPASAVE 180-day campaign = $299

Bonus extra:
Book a 60-day campaign or longer and get a FREE 12-month listing
in's Exclusive Bookstore (usually $125)


PREMIUM 50 Daily Intensive tweet campaign: 
50 Tweets per day to our 1.35 million book-loving followers 

1-day PREMIUM 50 campaign = $59   
2-day PREMIUM 50 campaign = $112 
3-day PREMIUM 50 campaign = $169
You have flexibility in when you use your days booked 

Bonus extras:

Book a 2-day or 3-day PREMIUM 50 campaign and get a FREE 12-month listing in's Exclusive Bookstore (usually $125)


Tweets for all options are sent out via our 10 affiliate accounts:

Tweets are spread & orchestrated to get maximum exposure on Amazonposted between 3 a.m. and 10 p.m. (P.S.T.)

Perfect for:
book promos & releases ~ book tours ~ book blogs ~ free book giveaways ~Twitter parties ~ KDP promos
(Many of our clients report overwhelmingly successful KDP free promotions)

Buy exactly the number of days' promotion you need.

We have helped 1000's of authors & publishers to get the word out for their book promotions.

Tweets are readily shared by our book-loving followers and are also posted directly to our Facebook page.

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