Editor's Choice, The Ripening Time ~ "Exquisite"

Stef's latest find, The Ripening Time is revised and adapted by Catherine MacLeod from the original novel by Alistair Mair, which was first published in 1970 by William Heinemann and later released in paperback entitled The Tomato Man.

This is a beautifully remastered novel, based in the not-so-swinging Glasgow Sixties; I savoured every word as I fell deeper into the story and Tom's predicament.

Glasgow, 1960. A time of bright new beginnings ...

The Gorbals tenements are being demolished and gleaming new estates are carving their way through the green fields that surround the city.
Tom, raised in a Glasgow tenement, is a sheltered, self-contained lad who drifts through life while his widowed mother worries about his inability to find the right girl. Then Mary from the new Easterton estate takes him in hand.
Surrounded by all the sparkling new appliances of hire-purchase matrimony, the recession begins to bite. Long hours, loneliness and cruelty lead Tom to drift off in another direction, down the garden to the safe haven of his greenhouse.

A man needs a hobby, and surely gardening never hurt a soul ...


The original hardback novel The Ripening Time and the paperback entitled The Tomato Man are out of print but can still be found in Abe books or on Amazon through quality collectors' bookshops worldwide.


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