Editor's choice: Zombie, Inc. ~ Chris Dougherty

Prolific horror/paranormal author Chris Dougherty has already achieved an Editor’s Choice accolade from me – and this was no mean feat, given this particular curmudgeonly editor was lured into a topic that I would normally shy away from: God – or the devil to be more precise – is a subject that I avoid like the plague. So I invited Chris over for a Q&A session following my being entranced by her uncompromising story The Devil Stood Up (read the interview Here).

So when I learned that Chris had contrived a new storyline during a visit to a burger bar, I was interested in what the premise would be – until after publication – when I learned the title of the novel was Zombie, Inc.

Zombies? … and me? Not exactly my preferred reading subject – and that’s an understatement: like, you’d have to pay me to read a zombie novel or watch a zombie movie, and I told the author as much in advance mitigation that I wouldn’t get on with it. You see, horror is not really my bag at all and were it not for my reading “Devil” I would not have given it a second look.
But it soon became apparent that this talented writer has a kind of tractor beam that pulls in the reader, be it their genre or not. I was wholly engrossed from start to finish by the premise, presentation and style of this hilarious satire. Top marks yet again, Chris!

Regular readers will know that I never “spoil” the plot, but you can preview the opening of Zombie, Inc. on Amazon Here (or Here in the UK) and decide for yourselves – it’s your loss if you don’t give it a chance...

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