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It’s always a buzz to find new authors on the block who check my boxes. Not least because this creaky old curmudgeon here (yours truly) can spend more time looking for something I like than actually reading. So it was a surprise to find two such books already this year. As you probably already know, I never spill the pot, but here is my brief overview as a reader:

Rosie Nixon and her debut novel The Stylist

“Rooster-friendly Chick Lit from a talented author”

Whether you love or hate the fashion industry you’ll find this fun foray into the gong-hunting world of A-list celebs and their entourage both revealing and interesting. And don’t worry if you are a mere male who doesn’t have a *Jimmy Choo about designer names and/or celebs – this story stands tall regardless of its opulent trappings.

*Jimmy Choo = clue: [Chelsea rhyming slang]

B.A. Paris and her debut novel
Behind Closed Doors

“This is the kind of book that stays with you”

Sad to say, the MC’s plight is all too believable, and this helps to rack up the tension because B.A. Paris has made the antagonist so powerful that we suspect early on that a soft resolution is not an option – which indeed is the case, as it turns out. A fast-paced and smooth read. I didn’t know whether I’d have the nerve to keep reading after the harrowing opening but gradually toughened up as the MC did likewise through her extraordinary journey.

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