Editor's Choice: Spring-Clean by Proxy by Robert Bayley

As ever, there will be no spoilers in my latest Editor’s Choice, but I can say, that as a somewhat lapsed Science Fiction reader, the book’s very original premise lured me back into the genre.

Last summer in my Captivating Opening contest (in which I read the Amazon preview to judge the entries) I read the first chapter and instantly decided I wanted to read the whole book.

So I purchased a (good quality) paperback version rather than Kindle and found the story to be even better than anticipated, to the point that it now sits upon my Sci-Fi shelf among exalted company.

This is a book that will appeal to readers of other genres – a quote from a reader who received the wrong book from Amazon:

“…I gave it 4 stars because in a odd and strange unusual way I liked it very much. I can't believe I'm saying that! Me who reads mostly thrillers!...”

Prose praise:

“…The effects of the changing physical environment and the changing mental states of the characters are perfectly captured in the prose and I caught myself re-reading sections to try and figure out how he'd captured the feeling not only in the words but in their structure - an excellent and engaging read!...”

Be a pity for readers to miss such a good book as it languishes in Amazon’s slush mountain, so I advise you grab yourself a great read HERE

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