Captivating Authors: Pamela Harju

Winner of our Captivating Opening Contest, Pamela Harju, certainly knows how to instill intrigue and engage a reader’s senses, as she illustrated in her debut novel The Truth About Tomorrow.

Readers of this gritty and plainspoken book must surely have been waiting for her next offering … 
... and the good news is that Pamela’s second novel, Yours Remotely, is now up for grabs!

The author:

Pamela Harju is a native Finn, living in County Sligo, Ireland.
In her own words, Pamela types fast and writes slowly. She has varied tastes as a reader, and that carries over to her own writing. She has written romance, mystery, fantasy and contemporary fiction. Her writing is character focused, and her ideas often stem from a character that Pamela then builds her story around. Many of her ideas come from her vivid dreams.
Besides writing, Pamela's passions in life are dogs and rock music. The latter you will regularly encounter in her writing; dogs, not yet, but stay tuned!
When Pamela is not working, writing, walking or training dogs, gone to a gig or starting said activities all over again, she likes to settle on the couch with a cup of tea and a TV boxset.
Pamela has plans to release a further two books in 2018 — a women's fiction/mystery novel and a romance novel.

Follow Pamela on Twitter: @PamelaHarju

The blurbThe Truth About Tomorrow:

If you knew the time of your death, would you accept it or run?
When Kyle French's father and clairvoyant mother die in a car crash that he alone survives, the question haunts him. Through his grief and survivor's guilt, Kyle looks for answers and tries to heal with his remaining family.
A story about the choice of either running away from your problems or making the right decisions to carry on, Pamela Harju’s debut novel is an emotional journey about coming of age and moving on even as your world collapses around you.
With strong characters, a distinctly Irish setting and a hint of the supernatural, THE TRUTH ABOUT TOMORROW  follows Kyle on his quest to find answers and happiness.

The blurbYours Remotely:

Everyone loves a rock star – but can a rock star love you back?
Lea Woods wants a relationship. Gary Rock All, singer and guitarist in The Remotes, wants his band to take over the world. An undeniable attraction throws them into an all-consuming, if ultimately thwarted fling. As Gary struggles to cope with the fame success brings him, Lea sees him slipping away from her. He lives for his music - is there any room for her in his life?
YOURS REMOTELY is a gritty love story gone wrong for fans of damaged characters, dirty rock 'n' roll and sexy anti-romance.

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