ONE TIME OFFER ~ 12-month promoted BOOKSTORE listing: $39!

— One Time Offer —
Our editor Stef is staging a 2021 Flash Sale
to raise funds for a book-related developmental venture:

A 12-month listing in our Right-Hand Sidebar 👉
ONLY $99 per slot! (usually $299 only 4 slots currently available)
Sidebar books are rotated (top to bottom) on a monthly basis.

A 12-month Listing in’s
Exclusive Bookstore
for just $39! (usually $125)
A limited number of places are available

This offer is by kind courtesy of our sponsors, who also tweet out a link to the Bookstore on a daily basis, all year long, to their network of over 1 million followers!
In the booking form below, all we need from you is your email address, and the URL (web-page link) of where it is advertised (Amazon KDP publishing is the most popular) you can either upload the front cover image yourself, or we can get the front cover image from the book's sale page.
Don’t worry if you are not experienced at filling in forms or are having problems with it, just email Stef here: and he will deal with it personally via email.