Captivating Opening Contest 2022


It is nowadays generally accepted (particularly in the ebook market) that the most important component of a novel is its opening – an author needs to get the reader immersed and on board from the get-go or they will quickly move on to the next (free) preview available on book sites such as Amazon KDP. And this was the case even before the advent of electric publishing. In bookstores, many readers will open the book and read the first few paragraphs before either opting to buy or putting it back on the shelf.

The 2015 - 2017 contests we staged revealed a good mix of exciting new and established authors, and so our editor Stef McDaid, who, as always, will be judging this contest, is looking forward to reading this year's entries. Previous entrants can submit their entries, new or old, again.

Stef will select two winners from the entries, and award one winner a grand prize, comprising a 10-day INTENSIVE book promotion package,  kindly sponsored by which comprises 50 Tweets per day to a network of over a MILLION (value $278).

The other winner will be awarded a 40-day SUPASAVE book promotion comprising 10 tweets per day (currently only $69) ~ click HERE for more details and info on TweetYourBook's latest deals, which currently start at just $10.

WriteIntoPrint is also awarding the grand prize winner a comprehensive "Editor's Choice" article on, which attracts thousands of readers per week. In addition to this, your book cover and link to your sales page (or website) will be added to our sidebar for twelve months (usu. $297) and the other winner will also be included in our exclusive Bookstore – for at least a year.

The book must be on Amazon Kindle to qualify.

The entry process is simple: In the comments field below, post the Book Title and Author name of your novel, or one you wish to nominate, and Stef will read the opening on Amazon's LOOK INSIDE preview feature. Also supply your Twitter username, if you have one. Previous entrants may apply. Just one book per author, please (Stef will only read the first one listed.) All genres are eligible.

There is no point in multiple posting, or even nominating an author already entered, because the object is to get Stef to read the opening (this is not a vote-oriented contest). Closing date for submissions is September 30th 2022, the winners to be announced (here and on Twitter) in October and the winning author's article to be featured on from November onwards. The  prizes sponsored by TweetYourBooks can be used at any time within 12 months. For nominated entries, the prizes and adjudication are subject to the author's approval, of course.

Keep it simple in the comments field: just state the Book Title, Author Name, Twittername – Stef will ignore any blurb, including on Amazon, and will get straight to reading the opening in Amazon's preview.


No correspondence will be entered into, so no daft questions, please...and please don't post your email in our comments field unless you love being spammed by third parties. Stef will either contact the winner direct via Twitter or email, or invite the winner to contact us via our email address when the winner is announced by @TweetYourBooks and @WriteIntoPrint.

Good Luck!

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