Top Quality KDP-Print, Kindle & ePub Formatting

For affordable quality, use our diligent format and conversion service,
with our unique "formatting-plus" facility included as standard.

Kindle (KPF) & free ePub file combined circa $59
KDP-Print paperback interior design add-on is circa $65.

It's Simple!
No need to provide us with any manuscript formatting other than bold, italics, centered text, line spaces denoting scene breaks, and chapter numbers — because we format your MS from scratch (so no need to insert a table of contents — we do that.)

Free "FORMATTING-PLUS" extras we provide:
In your master document, all double-spaces, hanging paragraph spaces, tab space indents, and space-bar indents will be resolved. We execute a global smart-search for missing punctuation at the end of paragraphs and dialogue. We make ellipses into proper ones that work well with eBooks, we change double hyphens for proper em dashes, and fix spaced hyphens that should be en dashes. We also find and fix backward apostrophes and speech marks. If you have a mixture of straight and curly (smart) speech marks, they are made consistently curly (or straight on request). If we spot any obvious typos we will fix and advise you, or if we are not sure whether the spelling is intentional, we will liaise with you regarding the possible typo(s).

Note: all of the above is executed manually, step by step, by a professional editor.

Our conversions include a fully-functional table of contents, links to the authors' sales pages, etc., and internal links, if required.

For a free quotation, please contact us at: stating your requirements and any problems you are encountering — attach your Word .doc, .RTF or .ODT (open document format) to get a speedy appraisal.

Or you can use the form below to contact us:

Subsequent ebook corrections and re-conversions usually cost circa $16 — or $30 if you also have a paperback version with us (assuming you have not unduly compromised the formatting.)

Payment via Paypal 10-day invoice, AFTER the project is completed. PayPal is very secure, and also accepts all credit and debit cards.

Below: a sample of some of our Kindle and Paperback previews you can peruse by using  Amazon's [Read sample] feature:

We provide a professional layout that is to be found in hard-copy books. Industry-standard indents of 5 mm (1/4 inch) with no indents at chapter starts and after scene breaks.

We provide a new master Word docx, and the KPF file to upload to Amazon Kindle. We also provide a mobi file that will upload or side-load to outdated Kindle reader apps.
If your book has links to Amazon we provide a KDP-epub file for independently side-loading to Kindle ebook readers — useful for reviewers, giveaways and beta/ARC readers (the KPF file cannot be side-loaded to Kindle readers, it is for upload to KDP only).

We also provide an EPUB file without Amazon links that has passed the IDPF's epubcheck. 

For a layout to do your book justice, contact :

Random sample snapshots of interior design PDF for paperback/hardback
(there are countless heading styles and spacings available to your specification)
(click the images to enlarge them):

Please Note
We do not handle text-book style non fiction (but we do handle memoirs, biographies or similar)

For ebook versions, we do not handle layouts that include image text wrap, columns, graphs, WordArt, tab indented tables, drop caps, or similar apps, because we cannot float them as they appear in a Word document.

We do handle images placed inline with text, but the quality of resolution is your responsibility; images in Word do not render as seen in Word and they also differ in size for Kindle and epub files, and that is why we suggest that you only use them sparingly and with these compromises expected. The epub file is guaranteed to pass the IDPF ebookcheck and Manifest checker for Apple books.